5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Same-Day Crowns

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Same-Day Crowns

Posted by HEALTHY SMILES OF BIRMINGHAM on Apr 14 2021, 03:58 AM

People with damaged teeth need crowns to restore their teeth. People dread the whole process to be a lengthy one. The dental crown is recommended by the dentists only when the tooth is damaged from inside out. The tooth can worsen over time if not fixed within the proper time. Same-day crowns are such lifesavers, better for overall oral health. Further, same-day crowns help patients to get their teeth fixed without going to the dentist's time and again. 

What are the benefits of choosing same-day crowns?

  • Saves a Lot of Time

People nowadays are so busy that they lack time to visit the dentist. For traditional crowns, the dentist has to assess the damage and plan for the crown. Further, they will first give a temporary fix and check whether everything is working well or not. The process is very long and unpleasant. Same-day crowns are precisely what people are looking for. You walk into the dentist's office with the damaged tooth and get the crown done by the time you leave. 

  • Get High-Quality Ceramic Crowns

The crowns put on the same day are not temporary, and they keep the mouths reasonably safe. All the crowns are made using high-quality ceramic materials. Likewise, high-quality ceramic helps to keep the metal out of mouths. The crowns won't be irritating the gums anymore, and you can eat just like before. 

  • No Need for Temporary Crowns

In the case of traditional crowns, patients used to spend hours in the dentist's office. And when the temporary crown does not fit perfectly, it irritates the gums. These are unpleasant experiences. With the same-day crowns, there is no problem with temporaries. You will be walking back home with the crowns you will keep. 

  • They Are Simple Tooth Restorations

Same-day crowns help to keep the process so honest and straightforward. You don't have to deal with any dragged-out tooth repair procedures. Just in a few hours, you will get a new tooth restoration. 

  • Getting the Exact Fit

Technology has made it possible for dentists to take digital scans of the tooth when crowns are to be put. Because of this accurate scanning, the crowns usually fit perfectly on the first try. And with the tech, the crowns can be tweaked during the rare times it doesn't fit. 

Same-day crowns are so comfortable to wear without any hassle. They are made of comfortable materials that you barely notice they are there. 

Get same-day crowns with a single appointment with our dentists at Healthy Smiles, Birmingham, AL 35242. You can call us at (205) 991-9535 or book an appointment online.

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