Get The Most Out Of Your Toothbrush

Get The Most Out Of Your Toothbrush

Posted by HEALTHY SMILES OF BIRMINGHAM on Jan 3 2020, 01:32 AM

Your toothbrush serves many purposes. Not only does it help clean your teeth, but it also improves your brushing technique, freshens your breath, and helps fight bad breath. 

When it comes to toothbrushes, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Some are designed for children, while others are intended for adults. Some toothbrushes even come with different heads for different uses. However, choosing the right toothbrush for your unique oral health needs can be challenging if you don’t know exactly what to look for. Here’s some helpful information to guide you in choosing the best toothbrush for your needs.

  • The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three to four months – sooner if the bristles are fraying. A worn toothbrush won’t do a good job of cleaning your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. Schedule a dentist appointment when you notice a change in the way your toothbrush cleans your mouth – for example if you’re experiencing bleeding gums or bad breath.
  • You should also replace your toothbrush immediately after you’ve been sick with the flu or a stomach bug. Germs can live on toothbrushes for long periods of time. Using a germ-covered toothbrush will only increase your chances of getting a secondary infection.
  • First and foremost, your toothbrush should have soft or extra-soft bristles. Bristles that are too hard can irritate the gums and cause them to recede over time. If your gums are receding, they are more susceptible to tooth decay and other issues, making oral hygiene even more important. When shopping for a toothbrush, ensure that its outer packaging states “Soft” or “Extra-Soft.” Otherwise, consider choosing a toothbrush with multi-floss heads which has angled bristles to clean hard-to-reach places with ease.
  • Next, choose a toothbrush that has a long handle, which makes it easier to reach all areas of the mouth and clean them thoroughly. A toothbrush with a short handle is more likely to miss hard-to-reach areas around the back of the mouth, which can lead to decay in those areas. Also, look for a toothbrush that is ADA-approved. This ensures that it meets the American Dental Association’s standards for effectiveness. Additionally, consider finding a toothbrush with an oscillating head. These brushes clean the teeth more thoroughly, making them more effective overall.

Choosing the right toothbrush will ensure that your teeth stay healthy and beautiful for years to come! If you have any questions regarding the right toothbrush for you, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call!

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