How Oral Health Impacts Your Overall Health

How Oral Health Impacts Your Overall Health

Posted by HEALTHY SMILES OF BIRMINGHAM on Apr 8 2021, 03:54 AM

Oral health is directly linked to overall health. It influences physical health and could indicate the diseases that inflict the body. Having imperfect oral health could lead to heart diseases and make it difficult for people with diabetes. It's crucial to maintain routine oral health at home to prevent any oral problems later in life. 

How is Oral Health Related to Overall Health?

The mouth is only the gateway to the stomach and all other vital organs. Further, any infection in the oral activity will gradually affect other body parts. 

  • Heart Diseases

Any gum swelling increases the probability of heart attacks. The bacteria in the mouth could cause swelling in the arteries also. It increases the chances of strokes as well. 

  • Pregnancy Problems

Pregnant women go through a lot of mood swings, increasing the chances of gum diseases. It could also lead to bleeding gums. Having any late-stage gum disease could cause premature birth and underweight babies. So, pregnant women need to maintain daily oral health. This keeps the periodontal diseases at bay. 

  • Diabetes

People should pay special attention to bleeding gums to control their blood sugar levels. Having untreated gums could cause more problems in treating high blood sugar in the body. Likewise, if you have problems managing diabetes, it's best to talk to a dentist right away. 

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Many oral health problems lead to cognitive function problems in older people. Also, Alzheimer's disease is linked to poor oral health. Tooth and gum problems may lead to dementia and decreasing cognitive abilities. It also makes it challenging to maintain good oral hygiene. 

Simple Tips to Keep the Mouth Healthy

  • Flossing

Daily flossing has significant benefits on the mouth, but more than 30% of people never really floss. Not flossing causes food particles to remain in the teeth, forming plaque later. Therefore, choose the floss that will work best for you. It decreases the chances of bacteria growing in the mouth. 

  • Staying Hydrated and Avoiding All Acidic Foods

Sugary and acidic substances make the teeth unhealthy, so you have to pass on them. Take beverages with a straw to have minimum impact on the teeth. Drink plenty of water to remove any leftover residue in the mouth.

  • Have Dental Checkups

Don't skip the six months dental checkups at any cost. Your teeth will be regularly checked and any problems could be dealt with in the early stages. 

If you care about your oral health, your overall health will be good too.  Healthy Smile of Birmingham is here for you. Call us at (205) 991-9535 or schedule an appointment online.

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