The Diabetes – Oral Health Connection

The Diabetes – Oral Health Connection

Posted by HEALTHY SMILES OF BIRMINGHAM on Jan 20 2022, 09:45 AM

Diabetes patients are at a greater risk of developing periodontal (gum) disease, which is an inflammation of the soft tissues that support the teeth. Periodontal disease may cause discomfort, persistent foul breath, chewing difficulties, and even tooth loss.

Diabetes may also impair healing, interfering with periodontal disease therapy. If your diabetes is uncontrolled, you can suffer oral health complications. To learn more about how you can prevent them, contact Healthy Smiles of Birmingham in Birmingham, Alabama at (205) 991-9535.

Oral Symptoms of Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you should frequently examine your mouth for abnormalities and signs of gum disease. When you brush and floss, you may discover that your gums seem swollen and bleed. In other cases, you may experience a dry mouth, oral discomfort, or notice white spots on your gums. All of these are reasons to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Dental Treatments for Patients With Diabetes

The nature of your dental issues will determine the appropriate treatment. In general, individuals with diabetes should see a dentist more frequently to thoroughly clean their teeth and get treatment for gum disease. 

High glucose levels in your blood may also cause oral thrush. To alleviate the symptoms of this condition, you should visit a dentist that will prescribe medications that will kill the fungus responsible for oral thrush. 

Oral Health Tips for Patients With Diabetes

Maintaining proper blood glucose levels when you have diabetes is critical for managing and avoiding oral health issues. Individuals with high blood glucose levels develop gum disease more often and more severely than those with controlled levels. If you have diabetes, be certain that you:

  • Manage your blood glucose level
  • Brush your teeth and floss regularly
  • Schedule regular dental examinations with your dentist and inform them about your diabetes
  • Give up smoking. Smoking exacerbates gum disease. Your physician or dentist may be able to assist you with quitting.

Are you suffering from diabetes and dental health issues? Healthy Smiles of Birmingham offers special oral care treatments for diabetes patients. Contact us now to get the best treatment for your oral health problem from certified dental experts Dr. Paige R. Lester and Dr. Joe Garner. You can reach us at (205) 991-9535, book online, or visit us at 100 Heatherbrooke Park Dr. Suite A, Birmingham, AL 35242.

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