What Are the Requirements for Choosing Crowns?

What Are the Requirements for Choosing Crowns?

Posted by HEALTHY SMILES OF BIRMINGHAM on Feb 24 2022, 09:10 PM

There are a number of circumstances in which a dental crown is required to restore a tooth. These include cavities, cracks, and chips. At Healthy Smiles of Birmingham, we provide a full range of restorative and cosmetic services, such as tooth-colored fillings and crowns, among others.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Your teeth might get damaged over time. This can occur for a variety of causes, including dental decay, injuries, or continuous use. Because of these, the shape and size of your tooth could deteriorate. 

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped "caps" that are placed on top of your natural tooth like a tight-fitting mouthguard and cemented in place. It improves the shape, size, strength, and appearance of the tooth. Healthy Smiles of Birmingham is the best place for you and your family for your dentistry-related treatments.

Why Should I Opt for a Crown?

Your tooth is probably cracked if you feel pain when you bite down. Worse, a fracture in a cracked tooth does not mend like a broken bone. Therefore, a broken tooth is a major problem that usually necessitates the use of a crown. 

The following situations may necessitate the use of a dental crown:

  • Root canal therapy hollows out the tooth, making the remaining tooth prone to breakage. To avoid a fracture, a tooth that has had a root canal nearly always needs to be reinforced with a crown right away.
  • To prevent a weak tooth from shattering (for example, due to rotting) or to hold sections of a broken tooth together.
  • To repair a tooth that has already been fractured or significantly worn down.
  • To serve as the support component of a dental bridge.
  • To hide crooked or severely stained teeth.
  • The visible functional part of a dental implant
  • To make a cosmetic alteration
  • Tooth cavities and large gaps

Healthy Smiles of Birmingham works hard to maintain your teeth and gums disease-free. And we feel that treating problems early, when they are less problematic, is critical. We provide a full variety of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, such as tooth-colored fillings, porcelain veneers, and crowns. We take a comprehensive approach to treatment, but we never over-treat our patients. 

Feel free to contact us at 205.898.4711 and book a meeting with us, we are located at 100 Heatherbrooke Park Dr. Suite A, Birmingham, AL 35242. For further inquiries, email us at info@healthysmilesofbirmingham.com. 

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