Your Teeth Are Not Tools!

Your Teeth Are Not Tools!

Posted by HEALTHY SMILES OF BIRMINGHAM on Jun 23 2020, 09:27 PM

Your teeth were not made to be used as tools. While it's normal to chew on objects like pencils or pens when you are nervous, this can actually be quite damaging to your teeth. Read on to learn more about why it is not a good idea to use your teeth as tools.

Tooth Enamel: Hardest Part of Your Body

Enamel is the hardest substance in your body, aside from your bones and teeth themselves. That's because it is made mostly of mineral crystals called hydroxyapatite, which is also found in the bones and shells of animals. So even though your teeth are "soft" to the touch, they are actually very hard! If you consider how much force it takes to chew your food, it's no wonder that enamel can be so easily damaged. This is why we recommend that you practice good dental hygiene habits and avoid biting down on hard objects, such as ice and pencils. Even giving yourself a "sugar-free" manicure or chewing on ice can cause chips and cracks in your enamel. And once your enamel is damaged, it's permanent. But don't worry – your dentist can give you plenty of tips on how to keep your smile safe.

Using Teeth As Tools

This may sound obvious, but we're saying it anyway - it's not a good idea to use your teeth as tools. Even if you're careful and think you won't get hurt, it's still possible for damage to occur. For example, you could crack a tooth as you bite down on a nail or other object. Or, you could even chip a tooth when you open a bag of chips with your teeth.

When you bite down on a hard object, you apply a force to your tooth that exceeds the tensile strength of bone and enamel. This excessive force causes the tooth to crack. Biting hard foods can also cause a broken crown, which can necessitate emergency dental care and even surgery to correct the damage. If you experience a severe toothache after a biting incident, call our office immediately to schedule an emergency 

Don't take the risk of damaging your pearly whites because you need to use your hands instead. Instead, stock up on tools like hammers and screwdrivers to help complete home projects that require the use of hands.

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