Virtual Consults

With emerging technology, I am offering all patients the opportunity to have a virtual consult directly with me in real-time.

Virtual consults will allow better communication with a patient using video-conferencing to address questions or dental emergencies in any situation that prohibits an in-office meeting.

Both current patients and new patients are welcome to schedule a virtual consult with me at the following link:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Consult?

A virtual consult is a one-on-one video conference in real-time, allowing you to interact with me almost as if in the same room.  

This will allow me to get as much information as possible (without both parties being in the office) to be able to help diagnose and advise patients on dental issues.

Who are Virtual Consults for?

Any patient who needs answers to an urgent dental situation can schedule a consult during office closure, weekends, and other times when they need to speak and see me directly.

Being able to see the problem through video and/or photos will give me almost as much information as being there. However, I will better be able to meet needs in certain circumstances such as advising patients about:
  • Broken teeth
  • Lost crowns
  • Dental pain
  • Swelling
  • Potential infectio
  • Loose or displaced teeth
  • Other urgent needs

Are Virtual Consults just for emergencies?

These consults will also be available for patients with non-emergency questions on topics such as:
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Teeth replacement
  • Sleep and snoring issues
  • Gum conditions
  • Proper oral home care.
It is my hope that virtual dental consults will help my patients when they are out of town on business or vacations when I am out of the office at a continuing education event, or during hours when our practice is normally closed.  

Telemedicine has been used in recent years by physicians, and now Teledentistry is beginning to emerge as a very useful communication tool in our field. I am excited technology now allows me to offer this service.

Is there a charge for a Virtual Consult?

Patients will be able to pay the nominal fee of $39 at the time of booking a 30-minute virtual consult.

Will my privacy be protected?

Yes, we will be using HIPAA-compliant and secure software for all virtual consults.

Does dental insurance cover the cost of virtual consults?

Some insurances may reimburse patients for the cost of Teledentistry (virtual consults), but as this is an emerging field, not all insurances are on board yet.

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