Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic Braces

Orthodontic solutions like dental braces and retainers have been used for many years now. Although braces are one of the most effective orthodontic appliances, they leave a shabby appearance on the teeth, making it embarrassing for the patient to smile. This has led to the development of a more advanced orthodontic aligner - Invisalign. It is made from dental-grade clear plastic and does the job of moving the teeth to their orthodontically right positions.

Advantages of Cosmetic Braces

  • Cosmetic braces are made from dental-grade plastic material that is transparent. When you wear it, people who see you talk or smile wouldn't be able to notice it easily. However, upon close viewing, it would be visible.
  • Cosmetic braces do not have any metal components such as brackets or wires. Its contour will be designed so that the aligner walls apply pressure on the teeth to move them as desired.
  • Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment usually have to stop eating hard or sticky foods as they could damage the aligners. But, in the case of Cosmetic braces, there is no such restriction.
  • Patients can brush and floss their teeth as they do regularly, even while using cosmetic braces. But, this becomes too difficult if you are using dental braces.


Highly advanced technology is used to create cosmetic braces. With its help, dentists can accurately map out the teeth' positions and even predict how they would move during the treatment procedure. Even before your treatment starts, the dentist can show you a simulated view of how cosmetic braces move your teeth and how the smile would look after the treatment has been completed.

We will scan the teeth using a digital scanning appliance. The data obtained from it will be sent to a computer screen where the dentist analyzes them and determines the severity of the malocclusion. Based on the observations, we will draw out a customized treatment plan to bring your teeth to the right alignment.

The data will be sent to a dental laboratory where the aligners will be made from a transparent plastic material. The aligners will be fabricated in several sets based on the number of treatment phases. When you start the treatment, the dentist will hand you the first set of aligners and take you through their usage. The aligners will have to be used for a minimum of 22 hours every day and will only have to be taken off while eating food or brushing the teeth.

When you advance to the next phase of treatment, the dentist hands you a different set of aligners that would vary slightly in shape compared to the previous set. You may feel a bit weird to use them initially due to the change in the contour, but the feeling would wear off in a couple of days. The aligners will be changed once every two weeks. The entire treatment procedure may last between a few months to a couple of years, depending on the severity of the malocclusion.

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