Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns

Dentistry has evolved significantly over the last couple of decades for the better. Dental procedures have become more convenient and involve lesser chair time, allowing the patients to get the treatment completed in a very short time span. One such technology is CEREC - Chairside Economical Restoration using Esthetic Ceramic. It is the modern-day method of fabricating dental restorations like crowns, veneers, bridges, and other ceramic restorations.

What does CEREC involve?

When you visit our dental practice to get a crown done, we will thoroughly examine your condition and determine your candidacy for crowns. When it comes to the conventional method of fabricating crowns, the dentist would ask you to bite into a gooey mass to take an impression of the tooth. This mold would be used as a reference for fabricating the crown in a dental laboratory using ceramic material. The process would usually take a couple of weeks, during which the patient would have to use a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth surface.

But, all of this inconvenience is avoided with CEREC. With CEREC, the dentist will use a digital hand-held scanning tool to scan and create a digital impression of the teeth. This would be highly accurate and helps the dentist get a better idea of your oral condition. The images rendered by the scans will be projected on a chairside computer screen, which can be viewed from multiple angles and in high definition. This data will be sent to a computer-aided milling machine, which precisely carves out the restoration from a block of dental-grade ceramic. The crown would offer a perfect fit and aesthetics.

What are the advantages of same-day crowns?

  • CEREC crowns can be fabricated in a single visit to the dentist’s practice, thereby eliminating the waiting period.
  • There wouldn’t be a need to use a temporary restoration when the permanent one is being fabricated. In most cases, the temporary crown would be ill-fitting and tends to fall off when you talk or laugh. This inconvenience is eliminated in the case of CEREC.
  • The accuracy of the crown’s fit and contour is excellent. The dentist will not have to make a lot of modifications to its contour once retrieved from the milling machine.
  • Digital scanning eliminates the need to bite into a gooey mass to make a mold of the teeth.
  • CEREC can be used to fabricate different types of dental restorations, such as crowns, veneers, bridges, etc.

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